Sunday Activities

Legon Baptist Church title =
0700am till 0900am:   Baptist Students’ worship service

08.15 till 8.55 am :   Sunday Bible Study Classes

09.15 till 11.30am:   Worship service

1600hrs till 18hrs:   Follow up by leaders

17hrs till 18hr:    Home cell group meetings


Family Days Activities

Mondays are declared Family Days where no church activities are held. It is expected that on Mondays all church members after the close of work from their various places of work will go home straight to be with their families. The doors of the church on Mondays may not be opened at all. The entire church staff is asked to take a day off-duty.


Missionary Union

From 18.30pm till 19.30pm, the Women Missionary Union which is the fellowship of all the adult women in the church meet once a week to follow what is on their programme of activity. Their activities include talks by invited guests, topical discussions, debates, and prayer times. The said programme they follow is always submitted to the Senior Pastor’s office for approval at the beginning of each year.

From 1900pm till 20.30pm, the Men’s Missionary Union also meet just as the women do to follow their programme of activities as well. They also do have topical discussions, prayer times, talks by invited guests, and sermon reviews. As it is in the case of the women, this is also a fellowship of all adult men in the congregation.

The first church choir rehearsal for the week is held from 18.30 till 2000pm.

From 10am till 11am special prayer time is held for women who need emotional support on peculiar issues.


Cooperate Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays are the official cooperate prayer meeting days of the church. On those days no committee meetings or group meetings are allowed. All church members are expected to participate in the prayer time that spans 18.30pm till 2000pm. There is a roster of leaders responsible to lead the sessions.


Deliverance Session / Fating and prayer

The team responsible for conducting the deliverance sessions for candidates under spiritual oppression meet on Thursdays between 18hrs and 21hrs.The session is open to anyone who needs to go through deliverance due to evil spiritual attacks or oppression. One need not necessarily be a member of Legon Baptist Church.

Fasting day for the entire congregation.


Singing Groups Rehearsals

Rehearsals for the other singing groups other than the church choir from 18hrs till 20hrs.


Church Activities

06.30 till 07.30am:    Fire Fellowship Praying sessions

08.15am till 09.15am:    Leadership training sessions

i14hrs till 16hrs:     Rehearsals for the other two singing groups other than the church choir.

16hrs till 17hrs:     Youth activities.

17hrs till 18.30pm:     Christian Education Department Teachers preparatory classes for Sunday.

16.30pm till 20.30 pm:    church choir for their second rehearsal for the week.

18.30 pm till 19.30pm:    Family Life training session.